Plan beautiful trips
with a drag & drop.

and coming soon to Android


Demo of the planner with the Tour dragger

Just a drag & drop away

To add stuff, just drag the + button and drop it right where you want to add it. You don't have to fumble around with times anymore; Tour computes and handles everything for you.

Road Trip
Flight Trip
Day Trip Around Ayuttaya
Around the world in 80 days
Day Trip Around Paris

Ready for everything

Whether it's a road trip, flight, or a journey across the world in 80 days, Tour has you covered. We designed Tour to handle every kind of trip possible.

Plan with friends in realtime

Traveling together? Plan together. All in realtime.

Plan trips with as many friends as you'd like in realtime. Your trips are synced across all your devices. Do you tend to lose each other when you travel? Just open Tour and see where they are on the map relative to your plans.

Plan with a map

Need a map?

See all your plans in context with a detailed map along with direction lines so you know exactly how to get there. With full support for detailed offline maps, you'll never get lost again.

Discover Activities

Discover Activities

Find the best things to do, right in Tour. We have an extensive activity catalog with all the best things to do everywhere in the world that's powered by Foursquare. No need to spend an hour perusing through travel blogs.


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