About Tour

Learn more about the travel planning app by Monos Digital.

What is Tour?

Tour is the most complete and comprehensive travel planning app for the modern tourist. Powerful, user-friendly, and intelligent, Tour aims to reinvent the way you travel. With an easy to use drag-and-drop interface, convenient integrated booking, and smart suggestion technology, Tour provides a true all-in-one solution for amazing trips and unforgettable memories. Currently available for download on the Apple App Store and coming soon to the Google Play Store.


  • Drag-and-drop interface for ease of usability
    • Full itinerary customization including flights, trains, hotels, museums, landmarks, parks, colleges, events, nightlife, sports, restaurants, custom addresses, and more.
    • Dynamic activity timeline
    • Ratings for airlines, hotels, restaurants, and other activities
    • Smart activity suggestions powered by artificial intelligence
  • Integrated booking for hotels
    • Over 100,000+ hotels are supported
    • 24-hour travel support through our booking partners
  • Itinerary sharing on social media
    • Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are supported

The Team

Tour was made by Monos Digitial, a home-grown California-based company. Tour was founded by a best-friend duo*:

Maxim Kraft

Maxim Kraft


Following his entrepreneurial drive, Maxim handles all corporate matters at Monos Digital, including legal, business relations, and financial management.

Jenn Mueng

Jenn Mueng

CTO & Lead Developer

Currently a Computer Science student at the Universiy of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Jenn singlehandedly designed the interface, user experiece, and coded Tour full-stack. He also REALLY likes Shibas.

*While the core team consists of us two, we would like to give special thanks to Cinthya. She has contributed heavily during the creation of Tour, leading the way in marketing and public relations.

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